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Yale YDM Series Smart Lock



Yale YDM7220 Smart Motice Lock

The Yale YDM7220 is Mortise Smart Lock, a smart and extremely convenient solutions for your home.

The Yale YDM7220 smart lock is a smart and extremely convenient solutions for your home. You can have all the various access option to enter your home either via fingerprint scan, personalized PIN code, RFID key tag or simply via your phone.


Yale takes the next step in providing you peace of mind when securing your belongings with the YDM7220 Smart Mortice Lock. Offering you various door access methods including fingerprint scan,personalised PIN code, RFID key tag or a physical key, there is now even more smart lock options to suit your home needs.

The Yale YDM7220 Smart Mortice Lock has an inbuilt door position sensor that checks the status of whether the door is open or closed. This avoids inadvertently locking your door while the door is open. With the scramble code feature, you can either enter a series of numbers at the beginning or after the pin code to ensure the real pin is not exposed. To ensuring further safety, there is a child safe button on the inside handle which can be enabled, so the button on the inside handle must be depressed for the lever to engage the lock.

The privacy button brings enhanced security to you by disabling authentication methods (pincode, RFID tag, and fingerprints) from outside when you switch ON from inside. You will only be able to use the mechanical key (2 provided) to unlock when the Privacy mode is ON. 9V battery backup terminal is located at the bottom of the lock in case the battery runs flat, though with an audible low battery warning, this will be averted.

The Yale YDM series Rebate kit* offers customers the option to fit this lock with a set of rebated double doors.
Works with your Smart Home. The Yale YDM Home Module (included) allows users with a YDM series lock to utilise the functions and features of the Yale Home App.

Yale Home Features:
• Lock and unlock your door via your mobile device
• Grant access to others for one time access
• Grant access for a set period of time or a date range
• Keep track of visitor access
• Check the door status from your mobile device
• The Yale Connect Plus Bridge is required to enable the Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home functionality, allowing you to control your lock with voice commands. Upgrade your YDM7220 lock with the Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge** (Item code: AYR-BDG-CB2-ANZ, sold separately) to access your lock remotely,
enjoy the full benefits through the Yale Home App, and seamlessly integrate voice commands with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.
**Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge is required and sold separately