Specialist Fields

The lock and security industry contains many different areas that require expertise and specialist education and training of staff in order to provide an efficient and professional service to our customers.

Since the first day S.A.S Locksmiths opened its doors in 1989, the principals and goals of the business were to stay in touch or ahead of the evolving industry, to allow us the flexibility to provide every relevant product and service to the people of Western Australia. As of 2017, the business principals haven't changed.

Over the years, S.A.S Locksmiths have been one of the most proactive locksmith companies in the country, by insisting that all staff undertake regular training and information courses that allow further education in different fields of the industry.

Automotive Security

With the progression of the automotive security systems used in modern vehicles, our technicians have found themselves having to learn the use of multiple computerised diagnostic and programming machines that allow us to produce keys to vehicles and machinery.

As different manufacturers will use different products and parts in their vehicles, our automotive specialists have found the need to study dozens of programming procedures and communication techniques in order to provide level of expertise required to produce vehicle keys and service locking components.

S.A.S Locksmiths has dedicated Automotive Specialist service vehicles that are equipped to service and maintain all types of vehicle and machinery lock an key systems, anywhere Western Australia.


As safes become more of an essential security fixture in both domestic and commercial, the need for more regular and more detailed training on the types of components and devices to secure them.

Our safe technicians have over 45 years of combined safe experience and are able to service, repair and open dozens of brands and models of safes, from all the major brands around the world.

From commercial cash management to domestic fire safes, S.A.S Locksmiths has the experience and endeavour to ensure every requirement is met and exceeded, whether it is simply operation assistance, gaining entry or new safe installations.

Feel free to browse our online safe catalogue or contact our friendly staff for more information.


S.A.S Locksmiths has been the premier safety lock supplier to the Western Australian mining industry for over 25 years. Including the design, manufacture, assembly, supply and service of all types of mining lock and safety isolation systems, in all types of mine facilities, including:

  • Village key control systems designed and installed
  • Full on site service and maintenance
  • Customised safety isolation lock products
  • Personal and company isolation locks and accessories
  • Restricted and controlled keying systems
  • Site surveying and consultancy