Yale Unity Entrance Lock Series


Finish: Silver
Option: Entrance Lock


Designed to suit the Australian market, the Unity Entrance Lock achieves patented digital dead locking technology, locking both the internal and external handles of your lock.

Meeting Australian lock standards AS4145.2:2008, SL8 and D8, you can be sure that the Unity Entrance Lock meets your security needs.

Lock alert indications shows users the lock mode via a built in LED. The locks has three modes, Unlock (Green), Locked (Yellow) and Secure (Red).

Controllable by either the Yale Access App, key card or Yale Smart Keypad*, the Unity Entrance Lock provides you with a range of options to control your lock. The Yale Access App allows you to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access, all via your smartphone. Grant users one time access, access for a set period of time or a date range, avoiding any lost keys or having your keys stolen or copied.

Using varying technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS as well as the Yale Access App, the auto-unlock feature unlocks your door as you approach.

The Yale Unity Nexion Retrofit Kit* has been designed to offer the customers the option to upgrade the present Lockwood Nexion Mechanical and Nexion Keyless Entrance Locksets to a Yale Unity Entrance Lock, including latch and 3 sizes of strike plates to cover 35-45mm thick jambs. With their metallic finish, the latch and strike plates ensure the clean and quality finish when the Nexion is replaced with the new Yale Unity Entrance Lock. The latch and strike plates are designed to accommodate Yale Unity’s door position sensor. The door position sensor checks the status of the door and tells you if your door is open or closed. Giving you the peace of mind your door is secure when locking up.

The Unity Entrance Lock can be upgraded with the Yale Connect Bridge.* Allowing you to access your lock from wherever you are. Remote features include the ability to lock, unlock, manage user access and update lock settings. The Yale Connect Bridge enables ‘Works with’ ability, integrating into your Google, Samsung or Alexa smart home hubs. The Unity Entrance Lock is also Apple HomeKit compatible (see Lock Compatibility Table for details).

With the Yale Smart Keypad* you can lock and unlock your door via PIN codes. The durable metal made Yale Unity Installation Template* is tradesman friendly, particularly where multiple or ongoing installations are required.

*Yale Connect BridgeYale Smart Keypad and Yale Unity Nexion Retrofit Kit and Yale Unity Installation Template sold separately.