WhitcoSKU: W010701

Whitco 300Mm Friction Stay



Robust metal window stays for both casement or awning windows. Available in both Standard (wide) and Narrow track designs for timber or aluminum joinery.

Friction versions for manually open sashes and Non-friction versions for mechanically operated sashes.


Robust construction
Both Standard (wide) & Narrow track designs
Both Friction and Non-friction versions
Bronze metal guide / friction foot
Suit for non-lipped window joinery only
Packed with fastening screws
Combination Retail/Trade pack only
Combination Display/Trade pack available
Made to Whitco specifications
Use in combination with - Whitco Window winders, Hook hinges, Window Locks & Catches
Minimal effect to full exposure to 96 hours Neutral Salt Spray mounted on powder coated Aluminium sill section.
Window size and weight guidelines

Maximum weight of sash 12.3 kg
Maximum recommended casement sash height is 1,350 mm and awning width is 900 mm
Recommended maximum window size & sash weight

Maximum recommended casement sash height is 1,350 mm
Maximum recommended awning sash width is 900 mm
Track length

Casement sash width (mm)

Casement sash weight (Kg)

Awning sash height (mm)

Awning sash weight (Kg)

200 mm

Up to 635


Up to 535


300 mm

636 - 790


536 - 710


400 mm

791 - 840


711 - 990


500 mm

Not recommended

991 - 1,220