DormaKabaSKU: DOTS92B

Dorma TS 92 B Door Closers - Pull Side



As units designed especially for interior applications, the TS 92 door closer constitute the perfect complement to the DORMA TS 93 cam-action door closer system. They likewise come in the Contur design and, thanks to their linear drive mechanism with heart-shaped cam, they offer the same ease of use. Moreover, their competitive pricing combined with their outstanding level of assured quality make them particularly attractive from an economic standpoint as well.

The TS 92 cam action door closer offers excellent quality and an optional range of accessories all at an affordable price.

Specifications & Features
  • TS 92 B with closing force of EN 1-4.
  • Dimensions in mm Length - 281, Overalll depth - 47, Height - 65
  • Door closer tested to EN 1154 Meanwhile , TS 91 B with closing force of EN 3, Dimensions in mm Length - 267, Overalll depth - 47, Height - 65, Door closer tested to EN 1154.
  • Easy to fix and quickly adjustable.
  • TS92B Standard model for pull-side door leaf fixing. Push-side when transom fixing.
  • Optimum adaptability of the closing speed with reliable latching thanks to two regulating valves.
  • Suitable for installation on doors up to 1100mm wide