SuperlubeSKU: S11016

Superlube Dri-Film 11016 Aerosol 11Oz



When applied, the solvent carrier cleans and carries the dry lubricant powder to the components to be lubricated, then evaporates very rapidly, leaving behind a protective shield lubricant that will not attract dust. The dry coating provides low friction which gives excellent lubrication and release properties.

Can be used on wood, paper, glass, rubber, fabric, leather, vinyl, metal and most plastics not under stress. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability, forming a natural insulating barrier when used on electronics.


Clean, non-staining and non-conducting
Cleans while lubricating
Dries on contact
Effective mold release agent
Prevents corrosion
Resists acid attack
Capacity Wt.: 11 oz (325gm)
Packing Type: Aerosol Can
Temp. Range: -40.0 °C [Min], 260 °C [Max]
Color: Translucent White
Chemical Compound: Synthetic
Odor/Scent: Odorless
Applicable Materials: Fabric, Glass, Leather, Metal, Paper, Rubber, Vinyl, Wood
Applications: Multi-Purpose
Resistance: Oil, Solvent, Water