LenlokSKU: CS45KD

Lenlok Padlock 45Mm Kd



The Lenlok General Use Padlock Series are made from brass and with a hardened steel shackle are a consistent performer.A feature of this range is that the padlocks can be re-ordered in the same keyed alike suite again and again. They can be purchased in a keyed to differ form in display pack, keyed to differ in a boxed pack and keyed alike in a box pack.


45mm body width and 7.2mm shackle diameter
The key code is easily identified by a number stamped on the head of the key, for example 452. This signifies that you have a 45mm body padlock (45) keyed alike on group number one (2) = 452.
The numbering system follows through the padlock range eg 403 (40mm body padlock on group number 3), 507 (50mm body padlock on group number 7) etc
Padlocks such as described above can be reordered on the same key number again and again
Padlock is a brass body with a hardened steel shackle