Master LockSKU: S4052

Master Lock Guardian Extreme Tag Caution Radioactive Materials Yellow (6Pk)



The Master Lock Model No. S4052 features a process that fuses graphics into rugged industrial-grade polypropylene blended with a metal additive; ideal for use in food processing and pharmaceutical facilities. The longest lasting tags available, the Guardian Extreme tags stand up to wash downs, humidity and extreme temperatures.


Ideal for outdoor use
Withstands over 36kg of pullout force
Stands up to sun, rain, sleet, windborne sand and dirt
Withstands temperatures from -46°C to 104°C
Graphics fused into rugged industrial-grade polypropylene
Resists over 30 chemicals
76mm wide x 146mm tall
One item consists of 1 bag with 6 tags and 6 ties