Lockwood Vivid® Collection Privacy Cavity Door Sliders


Finish: Gun Metal


The Lockwood Vivid® Collection Privacy Cavity Door Slider is specifically created to be installed flush with the sliding door panel so it can fully retract into the door cavity. Its retractable door pull offers both style and functionality and is available in three coloured PVD finishes to match the rest of the products in the Vivid® Collection.

The Vivid® Collection Privacy Cavity Door Slider is intended for use with cavity sliding doors, which are perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms and ensuites.

Retractable door pull

The bolt can be released as a door pull to pull your door away from the cavity.
Simply press the bolt to release.

PVD coating

The Vivid® Collection’s three finishes are derived from a physical vapor deposition (PVD) surface treatment which offers a range of benefits, including sustainability and durability. PVD coatings exhibit unparalleled hardness, with four times the robustness of chrome, along with superior scratch and wear resistance, and reduced susceptibility to corrosion. In addition, PVD coatings do not emit toxic liquids or gases during manufacturing, making them a cleaner and safer method of production.