LockwoodSKU: LW914UBLK

Lockwood LW9 Series Patio Sliding Door Lock



The Lockwood LW9 Patio Sliding Door Lock is a new surface mounted, Twin-beak Patio Sliding Door Lock incorporating sleek and modern styling with an innovative snib design that is both ergonomic and intuitive in operation.

Style and Function

The patented snib operation is the standout feature of this lock. A smaller handle inside the D-handle, the snib lock is used for Safety Mode locking. It unlocks the door when pulled in the opening direction and locks when pushed in the closing direction, making it possible for one fluid motion to unlock-open and close-lock. Aside from the ease of operation, the snib lock also becomes an easy, yet subtle visual indicator of lock status. The lock can be further deadlocked to Secure Mode with the key.

The range is styled with minimalistic and universally appealing lines allowing it to cleanly match to just about any other styling in the home.


Surface mounted lockset suitable for use with most aluminium and timber sliding doors.

The flexible chassis coupled with innovative design features results in a non‑handed product that is extremely easy to install and suitable for new and most retrofit applications.

Product Range

The range comes with an internal D Handle and an external Pull handle with the options for a Universal or Wide Strike, and is available in our most popular colours.