LockwoodSKU: 312HASP/CS10BL

Lockwood 312 Covered Supervisor Hasp


Color: Blue


This product is specifically designed for use with Lockwood's 312 Series padlocks and ensures equipment can be isolated and not activated again until repairs or maintenance is complete.

The locked out device cannot be reactivated until the Supervisors Padlock is unlocked. The Supervisors padlock is only accessible after all workers have signed off on their portion of the project and have removed their padlocks from the hasp.

The hasp will lock over a 312 Series Padlock with 10 lockout positions and a window to view the laser etched details on the supervisor’s padlock. It is available in two colours, yellow and blue to represent day shift and night shift workers.

Lockwood's guarantee of quality means that you can be confident in your choice of Lockwood Safety Lockout products.


  • Laser etched details window
  • 10 lock out positions
  • Powder coated yellow and blue finish options
  • Durable zinc plated steel construction
  • Cut-outs for reduced weight