Ironsafe 90A Series Aluminium Padlock Black



IronSafe® Master Isolation padlocks are lightweight, high quality aluminium padlocks for use on factories, building sites, in offices, industrial areas etc.

These padlocks have been professionally developed over the years and have state of the art characteristics exclusive to S.A.S Locksmiths that are not available with any other safety isolation padlock on the market.


Operates with a snap shut function
Solid Anodized Aluminum Lock Body.
Padlock has a body size of 38mm (W) x 46mm (H) x 19mm (D)
Double ball locking shackle
Weep holes to prevent rust
Chrome plated hardened steel shackles (available in stainless steel upon request)
Easy quick change shackle without the need to disassemble
Rekeyable brass cylinders
Cylinder featuring stainless steel first pin to prevent drilling and brass mushroom pins to resist picking
Quick and easy to change cylinder for rekeying
Hardened anti drill cylinder plate cover
Engraving available
Available in a range of shackle sizes
Available in a range of colour to suit any mining requirements
Available in any configuration of keyed alike or keyed to differ
Master Keying options available