ElsemaSKU: RH8003

Elsema Quartz Garage Door Remote - FMT302DA



The FMT-302DA, 2 button uses the 12-way dip switch coding system. It is a two button remote control operating on 27MHz.

This 2-channel remote control transmitter is used for remote control applications where channel 1 is for a main entry and channel 2 is for a private entry (Dual Access).

  • Hand held transmitter.
  • Available with 1, 2 and 4 channels.
  • On-board coding switch.
  • Built in buzzer indicates button activation.
  • Operating range of up to 200 metres (varies upon receiver antenna & location).
  • Easy to program and install with code switch technology.
  • 40mA (typical) at 8 Volts DC supply during transmission.
  • Battery life (9 volt) of 1 year with average use.
  • Operating frequency: 27.145 MHz.