DormaKabaSKU: DOTS7200SIL

Dorma TS 72 door closer



The DORMA TS 72 is the ideal multi-purpose door closer for all standard door designs and constructions. Without a backplate, it is easy and quick to fix. The spring strength can be individually adapted to the door size by means of an adjusting screw.

With its timeless Classicline design, it can be installed right alongside the TS 83 and TS 73 door closers providing a uniform appearance for projects. The Dorma TS 72 is the perfect choice for interior doors up to 1100mm in width.

Specifications & Features
  • Dimensions in mm Length 232, Overall depth 45, Height 68
  • Non-handed unit.
  • Spring Strength EN 2-4
  • Optimum closing speed adjustment with two regulating valves
  • Selectable closing force Size EN 1154
  • Door Width up to 1100mm Standard Arm
  • Door Width up to 950mm with parallel arm fixing.
  • Parallel Arm bracket included