D&DSKU: 55310023

D&D Lokk Latch Pro-SL



LokkLatch® PRO-SL is the ideal security gate latch for apartments, condominiums, gated communities and commercial properties. A key is required for both entry and exit. The “SL” in the name stands for “Self Locking”. Not only can this latch be operated and locked from sides of the gate, but when the latch closes it will lock automatically for added security. The LokkLatch PRO-SL is made of super-strong, rust-free polymers and stainless-steel components, so it’s tough and durable. The two-part design includes an 'External Access Button' that allows street-side entry. Conveniently, the two security lock cylinders can be rekeyed to match other household doors and accesses. (See your locksmith prior to latch installation.) There are two different latch models to accommodate metal, wood or PVC gate materials. Side-fixing legs on one model provide easy fitting alignment and extra fixing strength for metal and wood gates. A fitting jig is supplied to help reduce installation time.

• Automatically locks when gate closes
• Requires a key to enter and exit
• Operates from both sides of gate
• Can be rekeyed (by locksmith) to match door locks
• Fits fence posts up to 150mm (6") deep
• Vertically and horizontally adjustable
• Super-strong engineering polymer
• 316 marine-grade stainless steel components
• Australian Made and Owned
• Lifetime Warranty