D&DSKU: 55330007

D&D Forte Pullbolt Face Mount Fpbssfm-L



The stylish, Stainless Steel D&D® PullBolt™ is designed to provide powerful locking security for a variety of applications. It can act as add-on security to existing lock systems or can be used as a primary lock.

The PullBolt is made from 316-grade Stainless Steel, making the device ideal for use in marine or corrosive environments. The 19mm diameter lock bolt has a “throw” of 32mm, and contains a hardened steel insert to resist hacksawing. It is also resistant to prying, oxyacetylene cutting and bolt-cutting.

The locking mechanism is a “deadlock” design, which protects the device from being tampered with or locked without the key-holder’s authority.

The standard 6-pin, key-in-knob style lock cylinders can be keyed alike, master-keyed, or easily replaced by a locksmith with high security cylinders.


Face mount model
316-grade stainless steel
Rust Proof
Ideal for shopfronts and gates
Concealed stainless steel fixings
Body measures 105 mm x 45 mm
Strike plate measures 38 mm x 70 mm
19 mm diameter lock bolt
32 mm throw
Resistant to prying, bolt-cutting and oxyacetylene cutting
Made to take restricted in line and nearly all higher security restricted cylinders
Can be keyed to suit almost all regular key profiles
Fully reversible
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Supplied with all fixing componentry