ACSS Power Supply 12V DC 2.5A Regulated Switchmode Plug Pack



Wall mounted light weight and compact Switch Mode Power Supply Units with a wide 90V-264V AC input voltage range. Insulated active and neutral pins meet AS/NZS3112 for improved electrical safety.


  • Output voltage: 12Vdc.
  • Maximum load current: 2.5A.
  • Minimum load current: 0.05A.
  • Rated output power: 30.0W.
  • Efficiency: 75.0%.
  • Load regulation: Â±5% from 10% to 100% of rated load.
  • Over-current protection: adaptor protected with 200% of rated output.
  • Over-voltage protection: Zener clamp.
  • Turn-on delay (max): 2 seconds.