ABUS Oval Cylinder 570 Extended Series


Length: 50mm


50mm/62mm, extended ABUS 570 cylinder with X cam.

Keyed to differ.

Finished in satin chrome.

  • Extended oval cylinder.
  • Overall length 50mm or 62mm.
  • Suits most oval cylinder mortice locks.
  • X cam function.
  • Supplied with Z cam in the box.
  • Keyed to differ.
  • Supplied box packed with 2 keys.
  • Finished in satin chrome.
Technical Specifications
Brand ABUS
570 Extended By mm 50 or 62
Finish Satin Chrome
Cylinder Finish (570CYLIN5) Satin Chrome
Key Profile (570CYLIN3) LW5
Key Profile (KEYPROFILE) LW5
Keyed To Differ (570CYLIN1) Yes
NZ Part Code AB570SCKD50
How is it Keyed Keyed to Differ