ABUS 83WPIB/53 KD Submariner Series "Z" Version



The ABUS 83WPIB Series padlocks are weather protected, chrome plated brass bodied padlocks with a plastic cover. It differs from similar styled weather protected padlocks in that the body is solid brass, not laminated steel.

The plastic cover is manufactured using a dual injection process that results in a rubber-like material around the shackle opening, while retaining heavy duty durability around the rest of the padlock. This assists in preventing the cover from splitting.


abus padlock dimensions

a Body width 57 mm
b Horizontal Shackle Clearance 24 mm
c Vertical Shackle Clearance 28 mm
d Shackle diameter 8 mm

  • Keyed to differ.
  • 57 mm solid machined brass lock body with chrome plating.
  • Double ball locking.
  • 8 mm stainless steel shackle.
  • 28 mm shackle as standard.
  • Full dual injected plastic jacket.
  • Removable cylinder assembly for quick rekeying.
  • Incorporates the popular 570 6 pin style barrel.
  • Compatible with most restricted keying profiles.
  • Silca LW4 keyway.
  • Quick change shackle feature.
  • Easily converted from snap shut to key captive function.
  • Range of replacement shackles.
  • Supplied boxed.