AbusSKU: 8360NKD

ABUS 83/60 Rock Series Padlock



ABUS 83/60 high security padlock. Keyed to differ.

  • Supplied keyed to differ.
  • 60 mm chrome plated hardened steel lock body.
  • Chrome plated hardened steel shackle with Nano-Protect™ coating.
  • Double ball locking.
  • Removable cylinder assembly for quick rekeying.
  • Incorporates the popular 570 style barrel (not included).
  • Compatible with most restricted keying profiles.
  • Hardened anti-drill plate protects the cylinder.
  • SCEC approved for SL3.
  • Wide range of shackles in different sizes.
  • Utilises the 83/55 range of shackle sizes.
  • Supplied boxed.
Technical Specifications
Brand ABUS
Padlock Body Size 60 mm
SCEC Endorsed SL3 With Approved Keying System Installed
Shackle Diameter In mm 11.5
Shackle Material Hardened Alloy Steel With Nano-Protect™ Plating
Key Profile LW5
Material Hardened Steel
How is it Keyed Keyed to Differ