LockwoodSKU: 8474

Lockwood 8474 Swing Handle Lock



High quality swing door lock featuring lever action and easy installation. Supplied with polythene washer to fit between rose and door surface.

Suitable for use on garage doors and other sheet metal cabinets.


High purity zinc (lever handle & rose), Steel (spindle)

Door Thickness
Suitable door thicknesses can vary depending on the application and cam type. The lock is supplied with two 3/16 x 2” mounting screws.

No cam is supplied with the 8474 Swing Lock.  The lock has an 8 x 8mm square drive that can be used with OEM cams.

Special Keying
Lockwood locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication and can also include specially designed keying systems such as master key systems. This allows for different levels of mechanical access control.

Lockwood Keying Platforms – More information

Standard Finishes
Chrome Plate