Automotive FAQ

Automotive FAQs

I’ve locked my keys in the car, can you help?

Of course we can! Call us any time day or night and we’ll get someone out to you as soon as possible.


Can you make a copy of my car key?

Yes we should be able to make a copy of your car key, but it would depend on whether it has a transponder in it or not.


What is a transponder?

Since 1994, most vehicle manufacturers have fitted various types of alarms/immobilisers to their vehicles in response to Government reports on increased car theft. The resulting advances in technology have driven very rapid improvements in vehicle security system. These changes/advances, which although good for crime statistics, pose challenges for vehicle owners and locksmiths/technicians involved in diagnostics.Most vehicle keys are fitted with a transponder, which is a small electronic device that will fit into the head of the key or onto the circuit board of the central locking remote control. This transponder (chip) holds a code which is transmitted to the vehicle’s immobiliser and if correct will allow the vehicle to be started and to continue running. Transponder technology has developed very rapidly and later systems are using rolling (cryptographic) codes to improve their security. All work associated with transponders/immobilisers was originally retained within the car dealerships. However, after market equipment is currently available to qualified/licensed locksmiths, which allows cloning/copying of transponders and complete programming into the vehicle security systems.


Can you make a copy of my transponder key?

We have a range of state of the art machines that allow us to cut and program almost every kind of car key and transponder available. Just call us to see what we can do for you.


My key has buttons on it, is it a transponder key?

The buttons in the key are purely for central locking and alarm systems. Your key may or may not have a transponder in it depending on the age of the car. If you come into our shop we can test your key and offer the best solution for you. BackToTop

Can you make a copy of my remote? We carry a large range of after market remotes that are programmable for most types of car remotes and others like garage doors. BackToTop

I’ve lost all my car keys, what now?

There are several different possibilities depending on the type of car you have. You may be able to get the key code from your dealer by quoting the VIN and then we can cut that code onto a key for you. For others we may need the car to be able to access the on board computer or to decode the barrels. Best thing is to contact us and we can quote you over the phone for what is required for you and your car. BackToTop

Can you change all the locks on my car?

Our specialist automotive technicians carry a range of parts needed for replacing or rekeying door and ignition barrels. We are also able to reprogram on board computers of newer model cars and change the immobiliser if need be.


My key isn’t turning smoothly in the ignition/door.

We may be able to repair the ignition or door barrel, or it may be as simple as cutting you a new key to code. If neither if these solutions work, we can replace the barrel for you and make it work off your existing key.