SMARTair® Escutcheon (Update on Card)

The SMARTair wire-free and battery powered Update on Card (UoC) escutcheons are ideal for medium to high traffic doors. The wide range of escutcheons offer a RFID reader and locking mechanism in one for all kind of doors.

Technical Data

Door profiles - Suitable for wooden or narrow doors
Traffic volume - Medium to high
Exterior usage - IP54 (Extreme version) Up to 85% humidity -20 °C to +70 °C
Hardware compatibility and installation - Compatible with all Lockwood commercial mortise locksets*. No core drilling or cabling required. Doors from thickness 30mm up to 110mm (thicker doors may be possible on demand)
Power supply - Battery (from 60,000 to 80,000 cycles) max. 2 years standby**
Types of batteries: 3 LR03 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Multi-authentication - RFID and PIN
RFID technologies - MIFARE Classic and HID iClass (available optionally)
System management upgradability - Escutcheons can be upgraded from Update on Card > Wireless online by:
- Adding RF Module
- Fireware upgrade
- Change of internal cover (plastic top)

* Mortise locks without hub discs to be used
** Depending on cycles per day.

Electronic Technical Characteristics

Reader Module

  • Reading distance: 2-4 cm read/write distance with standard RFID credentials.
  • Emergency opening: Portable Programmer (PP) can be used for emergency opening.
  • RFID reader with capacitive keypad and backlighting LEDs (green/red/blue) for different warning signals: access authorized or denied, low battery level, etc.
  • Buzzer included for PIN confirmation and access denied.

Operating Modes

    -- Only RFID
    -- Only PI
    -- RFID + PIN.

    Control Unit

    • Upgradeable firmware.
    • Non-volatile memory. The escutcheon can be programmed to operate in 2 modes:

    -- Normal mode: 1500 users and 600 events.
    -- High traffic door: unlimited number of users filtered into 48 groups (permissions). Stores 1000 events.

    • Real-time clock and calendar:

    -- 30 Time zones with 5 time periods each (week days and holidays selectable).
    -- Door State Control: Ability to configure up to 20 changes of operating modes in a door per day e.g. switch door from lock to unlock, first user unlock etc.
    -- Yearly Holiday Calendar: Ability to manually enter the holiday calendar for every year.
    -- Automatic DST: Daylight Saving Time change. Updated with calendar.

    • Operating modes:

    -- Standard: Default operating mode. Freewheeling handle until valid credential presented, then allows to open the door for 1-15 seconds (configurable).
    -- Passage mode: Escutcheon is always in open mode while in passage mode. Passage mode is put into effect either by Time zone settings or by authorized user after double badging.
    -- Dual User: Two valid credentials needed to open the door.
    -- First User: Lock to be in standard mode until first valid user enters, then will switch to passage mode and remain until switched back either by authorized user or automatically by Door State Control settings.