Aperio® Programming Application | Software & USB Radio Dongle

Encrypted installation database.

The Aperio® Programming Application is the software tool used to set up and programme Aperio based products.

Using the software the installer simply plugs in the USB radio dongle to the PC to communicate directly to the Aperio lock via the Communication Hub.

The software has an encrypted installation data base that can be used to manage any number of sites.

Key Features


  • Multilingual installation tool
  • Encrypted installation database
  • Installation management:
    • Unit configuration
    • Firmware update
    • Pair/Un-pair
    • Override credentials
    • Wireless status link
    • RS485 settings

Radio Dongle

  • Provides communication to Aperio based products
  • Encrypted radio communication


  • Tools designed for the installer to set up and program Aperio based products