DominatorSKU: DR-2D

Dominator DR-2 Drug / Pharmaceutical Cabinet



Spacious and functional, the DR-2 provides exceptional value with wall and floor mounting provisions to cater for different installation configurations.

By incorporating a more sophisticated bolt work design, a glass relocking device and hardened steel anti drill plating, the DR-2 is able to provide more substantial levels of security than the smaller size safes.

With simple conversion to any lock type, wall and floor mounting provisions, as well as fabric lined internal shelving, compliant storage of controlled substances is effective and cost efficient.


  • Solid 10mm steel thickness to all sides
  • Predrilled rear mounting holes wall installations
  • Adjustable external hinges and full length internal anti-pry bar to hinge side
  • Reinforced door jamb and flush mounted door to provide maximum resistance to forced entry
  • Designed to be used for storage of controlled drugs as per regulations
  • Italian-made digital locks, US-made combination locks or Australian made key locks as standard


Height Width Depth
External dimensions:  600mm 450mm 200mm
Internal dimensions: 580mm 430mm 120mm
 Weight: 90Kg
Capacity: 29L
Fittings: 3 adjustable shelves, wall and floor bolting provisions
Cash rating $20,000 in unsupported application
Fire rating N/A

PLEASE NOTE: Depth dimensions do not include lock, handle and hinges. Please allow 40mm or confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.