DominatorSKU: DD-3D

Dominator Dd-3 Deposit Safe With Digital Lock



Controlled access via a separate lockable internal compartment, allows the DD-3 to offer higher levels of security. The increased size allows more deposit space internally, as well as more security features inside the door for added protection.

With the addition of the internal key lockable secure deposit compartment, the DD-3 caters for more sophisticated cash management requirements by offering 3 levels of access to the safe.

Dual keying ensures that a master key holder needs to be present in order to open the internal compartment that holds all deposited valuables.

Along with the increase in overall size and storage capacity, the DD-3 offers more value and flexibility than any other safe in the series.


  • 12mm thick solid steel door
  • 6mm thick steel body
  • Key lockable internal compartment
  • Reinforced solid steel framework
  • Internal hardened steel anti drill plates
  • Case mounted relocking device
  • Hinge side anti pry protection
  • Toothed edge to rear of drawer to prevent fishing
  • 4 internal pre-drilled bolt down provisions
  • Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion
  • 5 year structural warranty to safe*
  • US made LaGard digital locks or Australian made key locks as standard
  • Durable painted finish
  • Exterior lift off hinges
  • External Dimensions (mm): H686 x W508 x D508 (Depth dimensions do not include lock and handle. Please allow 50mm additional or check with dealer prior to order)
  • Internal Dimensions (mm): H678 x W500 x D454
  • Approx Weight (kg): 125
  • Cash Rating: $15,000 in an unsupported situation